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3D Visualization Cave:

Audio Visual Technologies Group is dedicated to providing the latest technologies to help our customers collaborate and succeed within their business and industry. For visualization of seismic data, immersive training simulations, or cutting edge medical research - Visualization Caves or Stages can be invaluable tools.

3D Visualization Cave:

A room-size, four-sided visualization solution that multiple users can use to share the same experience. Users become immersed in the same 3D virtual environment at the same time – enhancing teamwork, discovery and decision making.

HoloStage Mini:

A two-sided visualization solution that creates a contained, realistic, life-size, virtual environment. Promotes discovery and decision making while keeping costs low and space requirements in check – the whole solution footprint fits into a standard 10’ office space.


With this many acronyms in its name it must be impressive! 4K TV visualization applications are now possible with the ultra-large, ultra-high-definition 3D displays that are now available. As you scale the size up to the 80+ inch range – as do these TVs - then the additional “4K” resolution (3840×2160) does offer visible benefits to image quality. Essentially, 4x traditional HD images (1920×1080) can be displayed side by side on a 4K TV.

Thousands of Fortune 500 Companies, Small Businesses and Government agencies chose AVTG.
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